Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Dead Alert! Red Alert 3

Bring it on

I had high hopes for this run through. It had it all - a genre I considered myself good at, a game I hadn't played so it would be a new experience, it was modern so I could take plenty of nice looking screenshots.
Yep it was all adding up to be a doozy.
Guess what happened?

If you're guess was: "You crumbled at the merest sign of any sort of challenge, Thom, because you're literally terrible at games and you're probably too old as well", then jeez you could have sugar coated it. Wow. I mean seriously that's just mean. Cripes.

Anyway, here's how it went down.
Allies: Mission 1.
Defend Brighton.
Brighton is destroyed. Game Over.
Brighton's famous gun emplacements

I mean I was completely on top of things for 99% of it. I'd captured the hospital and Brighton's famous beachfront gun emplacements. I had troops in most buildings and in my little buggy things and so did my co-commander. Then the death zeppelins came and that was that. My troops were melted. I think I was supposed to kite them with my rocket buggies but the previous 15 minutes had been so easy that it had lulled me into a false sense of security.
The Death Zeppelins at work

Rising Sun: Mission 1:
Sneak into a dock and destroy everything.
Take that!

Now this one I nailed. My micros were tight, my apm off the chart (the chart only goes up to 50 though).
I disguised myself as enemy vehicles, assassinated unsuspecting guards, destroyed power stations and massacred a fleet at anchor with submarines and kamikaze pilots.
The Emperor was most pleased.
Looks like I'm doing well doesn't it?

Rising Sun: Mission 2:
Land a construction building near a Russian town and destroy the statues and monuments to crush their will.

I'm armed with 3 giant robots with swords who can turn into planes.
Me and my co-commander negotiate the short canal leading to the city and set up our bases. I notice a monument over an escarpment form where my base is set up so I fly my guys over to take it out.
When I look back my base is dead.
The Emperor this time was, less pleased.
Sexy Russian lady is smug

I'm gutted. When is there going to be a game that I manage to get several hours play out of that isn't just pressing 'Next Turn' like Call To Power 2? :/

The original C&C up next. How will I handle left click for select AND orders! Who knows...

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