Thursday, 28 February 2013

Battlefield NOW!

It was supposed to be so damn beautiful. For our big Battlefield 2 event, the Ninth Life were to link up together, destroy noobs on-line and do so with a swagger and a video camera strapped to our faces. It was to push the boundaries of video game blogging and enter us into a new era of vidcasting and voice wording. So, to kick start this new venture, we chose an ancient game that was on-line and we'd never used the video capturing software before. NINTH LIFE, ASSEMBLE!

Monday, 25 February 2013

Death and the Letter 'A'

The last game of the A's for me is Audiosurf, but unfortunately it doesn't really fit this project well. Audiosurf is about beating high scores and climbing the global leaderboard, but failure isn't really possible in a 'death' sense, only in a 'not doing as well as you could have done' sense. I gave it a bash though, because why not?

Friday, 22 February 2013

Dead! - Aquaria

"My story will become your own, and yours will become mine."

There was a time when I was just a fish woman in a crystal. I broke free. I sung songs to the fauna of Home Springs. I collected many recipes. I acquired knowledge of my past, not through, but by slaying underwater manifestations of gods. I got laid in a clam.

I did this and much, much more.

Ahh crap. I'm dead.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

First Project Update!

Firstly, we'd all like to thank you guys so much for your support for this project, and for taking the time read about us failing at games. We just hit over 30,000 views, across the internets, which is simply an incredible achievement for us. We love checking out the blogging stats in the morning and seeing where all the hits are  coming from!.

We've got lots of ideas on which direction we want to take it, but we're pretty new to all this blog malarkey, so we're learning as we're going. With that in mind, here is the first actual project update!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Aquaria - Sun, Sea, Sex

When starting this blog with Thom and Neil, I had assumed we would speed through our collection in record time. I mean, we're not the young gamers we used to be. Gone are the nights when you'd take it in turns to complete an endurance race in Gran Turismo, the 4am playthroughs of a newly released game, the endless 4-player goldeneye/mario kart sessions.

In fact, our average time per game played so far, on this blog, must be around the 15 minute mark. So we should be getting through the list quite quickly, right? over 5hrs (and counting) Aquaria is surely going to screw that statistic.