Thursday, 21 February 2013

First Project Update!

Firstly, we'd all like to thank you guys so much for your support for this project, and for taking the time read about us failing at games. We just hit over 30,000 views, across the internets, which is simply an incredible achievement for us. We love checking out the blogging stats in the morning and seeing where all the hits are  coming from!.

We've got lots of ideas on which direction we want to take it, but we're pretty new to all this blog malarkey, so we're learning as we're going. With that in mind, here is the first actual project update!

- What Ben is playing…
Ben is still swimming about in Aquaria, and most importantly still alive! It looks like it could be the first game the ninth life lads complete. Though I'm due another playthrough tonight...and may have just jinxed it. Either way, I should have something for you to read tomorrow morning!

- What Neil is playing…
Neil is still dealing with post-traumatic stress of Amnesia, and after encountering Michelle in Aquaria, the pure thought of loading up any title seems to be triggering relapses. He has our full support at ninth life towers, and hopefully he'll be back soon.

- What Thom is playing…
For Thom, the letter A is so old hat. He's so done with it. So instead he's trying out a new hat - B, and is making his way through his first title, Bioshock, as we speak. Given his track record with first person shooters, he should be done pretty quickly.


- Ninth Life Steam Group
We've created a ninth life group on steam! We thought it would be cool to set this up, so that when we kick off some multiplayer games, you can watch us die in real time! Or just to see what we're up to, if you are into that kinda thing.

Because he got wind of this momentous occasion, Mr Gabe Newell decided to send me 18 copies of Dota2, which I'm happy to gift out to you wonderful people if you join our group and tell us which game, past or present, you'd like to see the ninth life boys playing, and how you'd think we'd meet our demise!?

If you already own it, or don't really want to own it, feel free to post - but just add "I NO WANT DOTA2 THANKS" to the end of your comment.  

(For some reason the DotA2 games aren't valid in if you are one of the wonderful from China...then...I guess have a moan at Valve/Chinese Government? But still join our group and post!)


- 'A' Podcast
To round off the 'A' titles in catalogue, we're going to make a summary podcast about the game experiences of A, what we liked, what we didn't and what we expect for B...

- Multiplayer
...and within the letter B, we have our first multiplayer game that we all own - Battlefield 2 (despite Neil not writing it on the spreadsheet!)

We're currently discussing the options on how we'll present this to you guys, but it's most likely going to be some video captures from each of our kits. Keep your peelers peeled on the blog if you'd like details on joining us for the ninth life chaps first co-op experience!


- You! Yes, you there!
Pick up that can! I mean, er....we've got some more ideas, which we'll share with you at a later date, but we'd also like to hear from you guys. What do you like?, do you prefer video captures? or lots of words, less pictures? or less words, more pictures?

You can always comment, email or follow us on twitter @ninthlifeblog Let us know your thoughts!

Thanks again, and here's to another 30k views!


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  1. The Amnesia video was great, I'd love to see some more videos. Some games are obviously more suited to video than others though. I guess variety is the answer!

    Looking forward to the 'A' Podcast as well, anything to keep me entertained at work. :)