Wednesday, 21 May 2014

NODding off

Do your top up for goodness sake, you're on duty!
So far, so repetitive.

The opening section of the NOD campaign in Command & Conquer 3 is basically the other side of the GDI opening missions and has been similarly stress free.

Firstly, I was told to head out into the field to meet the operative who was going to be giving me my orders. It is Sawyer from Lost. Apparently, I was a big hero in the first Tiberium War and my reputation precedes me. Then we share some banter about how great NOD is and how it's going to be great to get out there and give those bourgeois Blue Zone chaps what for (I'm paraphrasing).

Are you noticing a colour theme?
Next on the agenda is firing a missile at the orbiting space station full of C&C's equivalent of the UN. My job is to bring down the anti missile defences which will allow us to fire our missile with impunity. Since this is the first level it's a walk in the park, just like the GDI one.

This will probably be fine right?
NOD have essentially the same units as GDI. Machine gunners, rocket launcher guys, Engineers, a jeep with a machine gun and a nippy, fragile rocket vehicle. However, instead of Grenadiers NOD have suicide bombers and instead of snipers they have Shadows. These are stealthed units with glider wings, explosives and dual pistols. They seem very handy but I'm rubbish at using them.

After knocking out the defences and destroying the Philadelphia it's time to head to some familiar spots - the Whitehouse and Langley airforce base - two more cakewalks that just involve building a mix of troops and clicking on things to explode them. I think the ease of the first missions is created by a complete lack of aggression from the enemy troops. If you send in all your troops and they die you know your base is safe and you can just produce some more and have another go. There's very little risk, but I guess we're supposed to be learning.

Next up is the naval academy I think. Wish me luck!


  1. I really should play C&C3 one of these days. I've always preferred the storylines in the semi-serious Tiberium series games over the nutso, later games in the Red Alert series. Goodness knows why.

  2. They do manage to make a fairly good job of it. The acting is a little melodramatic, but that seems to suit the overall themes of wealth disparity and religious fanaticism.