Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Amnesia & The Failed Art of Manning Up

So, here we are.

As some of you may know, I've been dreading my second game for quite some time. My first encounter with it was brief. Words were said, all of them I fully meant. However, for the purposes of this experiment I now have posterity spurring me on, so, here we go with Amnesia - Dark Descent!

Amnesia is a very clever game indeed, full to the brim of little design touches which baffle you as to why they haven't been used earlier. Whilst most survival horrors cling to the 3rd person for comfort, Amnesia goes full frontal and shoves the horror right in front of your eyeballs, looking at YOU. Why hasn't this been used more frequently? Perhaps because, like this game, it's too bloody effective.

In the interest of science, I thought I would venture into a little video capture for my first tip toe into this nightmare. As will be displayed by some technical difficulties (my voice is a little low etc) the video was less of a change of format for the Ninth Life, and more, well, lets face it, someone to talk too!

How many of you out there waited until a friend was round before actually playing System Shock 2? Come on, it wasn't just me was it? Faking a desire to show it off to your mates, who just had to see this awesome game in action, you were secretly waiting until their next visit just so you could continue. Luckily, I played this at university, and had several flat mates invading my room to hang around quite frequently, allowing me to get all the way to the end (and what an ending!).

For Amnesia however, sadly, my girlfriend is at work and it's my day off so I only have myself to keep me going. The video is hilariously short, but I think it does a fine job of explaining why this post is more of an introduction as opposed to a full write up. I'm going to need a few more supplies before I continue here I think: http://bitly.com/SRUHQT


  1. Replies
    1. Really? Was it? All I witness here is cowardice and poor mic balancing!

  2. I was thinking of following your experiment until I noticed that I too bought amnesia for some reason and also hate horror games. I suspect it was in a steam sale bundle that I (and probably you) bought for the other games.

    1. The worst thing about the game is that its got universal acclaim, and is really good, which makes it essential and annoying at the same time!

  3. I do like your voice... looking forward to part 2 even if you aren't :P