Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Competition Time! Wait....that's it?! Yes!

You heard the title in your central brains correctly when you read it, it's competition time here at The Ninth Life!

Sadly, as the title also suggested, the prize is also completely terrible. It's intangible, non-refundable, and it expires after a few days, upon which it might actually cost you money. How can it get any better right? Well here's a glimmer of light!

Basically, this is a cheap stunt to delay my Amnesia write up. I'm well aware that I'm overdue by a few days, but I just don't want to go in there. At all. Ever.

So, to make up for your patience, I'm giving away two, that's 2, (TWO!) trial codes for Guild Wars 2 this weekend! Yey!

Disappointed? It get's worse, you have to work for it! To win, all you have to do is ridicule me in the comments section below this post regarding my total lack of spine whilst playing Amnesia, and the two that make me the saddest, WINS! Judging by the low amount of comments due to our fledging blog nature, you could probably just scribble any old junk down and win by participation alone, so get insulting me already!

OK, so I guess there should some be some rules. I'll announce the two winners in the blog, upon which I'll need you to send your email address to the link on the top right, and I'll email the code out to you (well, the GW2 website will). Also, I totally have full control over what is hilarious, and if anyone moans about the winners, actually, go right ahead, it'll be funny. I'll pick a winner on Thursday sometime (15th Nov, this year, duhh).

This entire thing might not work for some reason (Hollywood lawyers, I forget, etc) but at least you'll have gotten a thrilling education in our scientific study in the meantime! Everyone is literally a winner! Especially the actual winners!

Good luck!

P.S. I totally didn't mention this to Thom and Ben, so I guess if they want one they'll have to enter like all you other suc...participants.


  1. Oh My GOD! I am waiting here on the edge of my seat for days now, hoping to see you whine and cry about how horrible Amnesia is, and all I get is another delay... Damn, my grandma played Amnesia when I bought it, and didn't find it all that scary. Well, she did, but she did't die of fright, so there! You are worse than my 80 years old granny... (when I say "played" I actually mean "sat beside me as I played", but same difference)

    On a side note: I love this blog! It's funny and entertaining, and generally makes my day better... or it would, if it were updated on a daily basis.

  2. I don't want a code. I vote for the two first commenters.

    And also, Neil, you're a whiny little girl.
    In fact, that's probably an insult to little girls as they wouldn't be scared of a computer game.
    Girl up.

  3. I bet Niel would collapse into a boneless heap if the lights went out when he was touring Windsor castle.

  4. I remember playing Amnesia at midnight, on Halloween, in a disused mental asylum which was the scene of horrific sacrificial murders of psychopathic axe murderers (sworn on post mortem revenge) during record breaking thunder storms and power outages...


    the only time I broke sweat was when I realised I was running low on Mountain Dew.

    Man up or jog on!

  5. If I write up my "speed run" of Amnesia tonight, will I get a code?!

  6. If you're really that huge of a babby you could maybe do a livestream or something so you'll have a nice cozy chatbox full of knuckleheads to distract from and ridicule the game.

    Also consider awful, juvenile, continuously shrieking youtube personality pewdiepie has played through this game and what that says about you as someone who's too scared to.