Sunday, 24 March 2013

Dead! Bioshocked.

I knew my death was only moments away so I thought I'd video the moment for all to see. In the end though it didn't quite turn out that way...

What actually transpired was that I was given health and ammo and such, and I was feeling fairly confident. So I turned off the video and settled in for nice session and then boom! Like something straight out of Doom - I pick up a shotgun and all the lights go out. Horrible splicers appear from the darkness and it's frantically run backwards and shoot wildly time.

And then I die. About 5 minutes after turning off the video. Sorry everyone!

The footage is hilarious though. High points include frantically reloading over and over again for no reason, and opening a previously unseen menu when I should have been running away!

Health 0
Slackjawedness 10
Philosophy - Secular Humanism

1 comment:

  1. I was actually thinking about playing the Bioshock series. I never really had the time for it. Now I REALLY want to play it! Keep up the good work!