Thursday, 2 May 2013

Dead! (Inside) - Black and White

Well, I don't know what to say really. I haven't died in the game, but I have died inside, and my enthusiasm for playing and writing about it is also close to death which is why, for the sake of the project, I've decided to just stop playing it.

I've put a few hours into it now and I'm STILL doing step-by-step tutorial missions that are lengthily and tawdrily explained and frankly my will is sapped.
In truth I don't think this game is suitable for the project because I'm really not sure that you can 'fail' at all. You could certainly be slow and not very good but I don't think there's ever a 'game over' situation.

I have to say I did enjoy approaching each mission with brevity in mind though.

One man refused to believe in me until I did some lame trick for him. So I threw him into the sea where he drowned.
I taught my animal to eat my villagers and rewarded him when he picked up and threw the animal trainer. But none of that made a jot of difference to the tutorial really :/
At one point I realised that the only mission I had left before the next tutorial trigger was the stupid boat making one where your villagers all sing a song and you have to sit through it. This moment in gaming is so terrible that even youtube doesn't hold any evidence of it, proof that no'one can bear to sit there and record it. At that point I knew I couldn't go on.

Officially I suppose, without proof that you can't die, this violates the rules of the project, but I'd rather have a brief rule violation, than lose my enthusiasm and stop the project completely.

Hours of my life I'll never get back - 3


  1. Fair enough mate! I prefer the posts where you like the game anyway, so this just lets you get on to some more of them.