Thursday, 22 August 2013

Dead! - Bastion

Well, well, well. It had to happen eh.

After giving it all that in the previous video, I only bloody went and got myself killed didn't I.

Lets see how.

The gods are so OP.

I knew it would be tough...but wow. was nice to see eh? And hear my super awesome voice? Guys? GUYS!?


First Video Length:
Confidence after first video: 92.5%
Second Video Length:
Sadnss after second video: 87%
Bonus times: Unlocked two steam trading cards. That's cool right?

First video for me, so I'm really interested to see what you thought, like, if the sound levels were okay, length for each video (bear in mind that I didn't have much control over the second!) and if you prefer this to lots of words or not? I am aware some people read this on the loo, so videos probably aren't ideal for those folks!


  1. You can hear that you're actually really gutted :D

  2. Yeah I thought this might happen, those are some vengeful gods

  3. The idols really make a big difference, when you switched them all on I actually cringed a bit!

    1. Haha! Yeah it was painful for me too. The kicker for me was when I started up the second video and saw them all flash up on screen...knew it would be tough...but wow.