Wednesday, 19 March 2014

America is Saved!

I totally saved America! Well, the bits of it that were important anyway. The East Coast bits basically. With the rich people in.


It started with Langley Air Force Base. After taking back the base there and powering it up I basically just massed troops and then steam-rollered the map. I unlocked some Orcas (helicopters with air to ground missiles) and used them to probe around the NOD base, then charged in with the gang and smashed it like a beast. Secondary objectives were to find all the pinned down GDI snipers and rescue them and destroy another small base. All pretty straightforward, especially as the snipers gave me access to cannon barrages from the recently liberated Hampton Roads Naval Base. It's actually been surprisingly easy so far which has been making me nervous. I died so quickly on Red Alert 3 that I was sure I'd find it harder than this. I keep expecting a massive army to roll in from the side of the map and flatten me. No sign so far though so it's off to the White House!

A strictly symbolic, morale boosting exercise, taking back the White house will be my first mission where I get to build my own base, as I please. Now we're getting to the good stuff.  A few tricks from the misty multiplayer past pop up and I remember that my standard start was to build two Tiberium Refineries and then sell one immediately. This gives you 2 harvesters way earlier than usual (I'd have to build all the buildings up to Vehicle Factory and then build a harvester otherwise) and it only costs 500 more which is easily recouped by my increased efficiency. After this it's power, a second building queue, two Barracks, a Vehicle Factory and then my tech buildings, all the while pumping troops out as I unlock them.

Despite completing the Langley mission I don't have access to Orcas, I have access to ONE airstrike, which you have to use on a prescribed group of units after completing a certain objective. Which is annoying. I do have Predator tanks though, which any young footballing teen will tell you helps with your speed and turning and gives you more powerful free kicks.

The White House is guarded by this mass of monstrous looking behemoths:
I think we're going to need a bigger boat
Luckily my airstrike wipes them out completely:
Or an airstrike. Yeah that would probably do it.

The base further to the North then becomes the objective but, GASP, it disappears. NOD is using stealth generators to hide their base, which is a pain in the bum as you can imagine. My secondary objective is to destroy a clump of NOD power generators to the North West. Oddly, these aren't covered by stealth generators, and yet destroying them shuts down the stealth generators of the main base, which seems like a logistical oversight, that should probably have been avoided. I mean, come on guys, we all know that power is key to victory, why not hide them with your fancy stealth tech?

Anyway, by this point I've built so many troops because of my super efficient base building strat that I just walk up to the Power Generators, destroy them and then waltz through the newly revealed base.

And I have 29 predator tanks in the queue just in case...

BOSH! America is saved!

Hooray for me!

Oh and did I tell you who the new boss of GDI is? It's Lando Calrissian!

"Greetings Commander, you truly do belong with us here in the clouds"

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