Monday, 3 March 2014

C&C vehicle factory

The big man
The first mission of C&C 3's GDI campaign is a classic, by-the-book tutorial opener. NOD activity has reduced to almost nothing and you're sent on a routine patrol to investigate some possible naughty behaviour.

Luckily there's an abandoned GDI base in the area which you can commandeer as a staging area.
Your squad clears out the puny NOD defences and you power up the base and start repairing it/bolstering it's defences.
It's a Power Station, a Barracks and a Tiberium Refinery (naturally) and setting it up teaches you the basics - troop control, power cycling, harvesting and building.
You build some units and then you're warned of a small base to the east. You dispatch it with ease and, if you're a pro like me, capture some of their buildings with engineers to complete your secondary objectives.

After that you get given some fun, powerful units (which will get taken away from you for the next few missions) and then, shockingly, it's revealed that the base is huge and NOD are actually still active and up to something and you just destroy their base with your Ion Cannon.

It was fun, and the lady telling you what to do is thingy out of House (not the lesbian one), but it was pretty easy. Turns out this is because I was doing it on normal difficulty...
I guess she's doing a chipmunk impression here?
I couldn't find a difficulty setting anywhere after finding this out but I'll look again before I start the next mission and fingers crossed I won't have to start again.
Stats so far are below:

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