Monday, 10 March 2014

People Against Goodness And Normal (difficulty)

The space station Philadelphia has been destroyed with most of the world's major leaders and the heads of GDI onboard! NOD is back and there's a media blackout! The Pentagon is under attack and I STILL can't find the difficulty setting! It's all kicking off in C&C3...

In searching for the difficulty setting I accidentally restarted the campaign, and overwrote my last save... So I've done the first level again (better this time too) and moved on to the second.

With the Philadelphia destroyed and all the GDI peeps dead it falls to me to take a small band of lowly troops and take back the Pentagon. I think anyone who's played an RTS knew this was coming. The progression of an RTS is partly through increased enemy difficulty, but mostly through unit rationing. If you had Ion Cannons and Orca helicopters and Mammoth Tanks from the beginning, it would be pretty easy and you'd quickly find one strategy or unit that you liked and just play that one all the time. So C&C3 has to engineer a situation where you don't have ready access to giant death machines from day one, and you have to slowly earn them.
NOD's destruction of the GDI hierarchy has thrown everything into chaos, so acquisitioning troops is difficult. I have to slowly liberate various GDI bases/members in order to stabilise everything and get access to the troops these people control. That basically makes sense.

We'd best crack on with this Pentagon liberating then!

This mission was VERY straightforward. Capture some power stations, kill the NOD troops and garrison the towers around the Pentagon to hold off a wave of attack. After holding off the wave Grenadiers and APCs arrive - exactly what is needed for clearing out entrenched NOD troops in buildings - and we romp off round the map killing everyone and the two small bases with nary a scratch on our persons to show for it.

And this bring us to the most important part of this episode - The difficulty option has arrived!

Now that we have the Pentagon back I have a choice of missions to do next - Liberate the airbase, giving me access to Orcas, or the Academy giving me access to Grenadiers - and these missions have a choice of difficulty. This ties in nicely with the 'GDI is in disarray' conceit and also gives me a choice of how I like to play (p.s. it's with Orcas obviously).

So basically I'll switch it to hard for the next one and then no doubt that'll be game over for C&C3 :D


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