Monday, 15 October 2012

The Rules

Games must be played alphabetically according to their title - No skipping ahead to the fun ones, or putting off the ones we're dreading. The title is either the name on the box's spine, or the default Steam library entry.

Games Catalogue includes all games purchased before 01/10/2012 - Any games acquired after this time will not be included in the catalogue.

Attempts will be made on 'Hard' difficulty - We don't want this to go on forever, we've all got literally 1000's of hours of games to get through. For games that use clever names for difficulty modes, it will be the mode above the one the game defaults to.

Fail criteria may alter per-game - You can't 'die' in some games so other fail criteria will have to be used. This will be made clear at the start of any articles for that game

Some games may be excluded - If a game basically can't be 'failed' - Championship Manager for example - then they may be excluded

Co-op and Multiplayer

Co-op and multiplayer will require some special rules. For some games, if we're all starting at roughly the same time then we'll do a co-op runthrough together, however, the attempt will fail if any one of us is killed.
For some games where dying and re-spawning is a common occurrence (Battlefield, League of Legends etc) then failure will be considered as losing the overall round.
We may decide to do multiplayer or co-op as a series of 'specials' outside of the alphabetical runthrough depending on how we feel it's going, so watch this space (or rather the space with the fun, interesting, non-bureaucratic posts in)