Tuesday, 16 October 2012

You only get one shot...

Do not miss your chance to flow, this opportunity comes pretty much any time you decide really. No big deal.

The boys and I have had a few schemes in our time, but none of them ever came to anything. Bands we were going to form, games we were going to make. Nice ideas but we didn't have the energy for them really. But when we started chatting about this over Steam (which I guess is the modern day equivalent of 'over tea' ) we all started to get strangely excited. This was an idea we could actually do! And all we had to do was play games and occasionally write a couple of hundred words! This scheme had LEGS.

So yeah, this should be pretty fun; going back through the old games catalogue and blasting through them all with the added jeopardy of only having one life for each. It was fun to go up in the loft and dig out all the old scratched and toothless CD cases too, even though my cat managed to climb the ladder and then stuck her claw up my nose when I tried to get her down. Kids today with their digital distribution, they don't even know they're born! Our games used to come in a cardboard box the size of an encyclopedia.
I've definitely lost a few over the years though. Half Life Blue Shift, Max Payne 2, that half life mod with the space cowboy who fought dinosaurs. So many classics.

Looking at my list there's a lot to look forward to; games I've never played such as...well almost anything bought in one of Steam's horrible sales, games I can't wait to play again like the Half Lives, Command and Conquers and Civs. There's also a few I'm dreading. Like Perimeter. Damn you PCG why did I believe your glowing review! Unfortunately they all come after the first game on my list - Age of Conan.

Age of blimmin' Conan.

An MMO. Hundreds of hours of content. My chances of dying any time before level 20 are slim. Oh, but hang on...aren't the public areas open to all levels? Yes, I remember getting ganked all over the shop once you get to that island bit. Excellent! Well there you go maybe I won't be playing that for months on end.

Right then I'd better get cracking! See you all soon!

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