Thursday, 18 October 2012

Quick Save / Quick Load

You were my friends. Always there. Every time I was to jump over a deceptively easy gap, you got my back, Quick Save. I knew that if I fumbled my steps or a game designer had stuck some  collision down and determined I shouldn't go there, you and your buddy Quick Load, would get me back to where I was.

If I saw a large enemy with obvious weak spots, we'd have a pep talk, then I would try and take him down. Sometimes it wasn't a problem, and the talk seemed like a waste of time, but more often than not, you picked me up when I fell.

If I said the wrong thing in a conversation, I could call on you to undo it all and make sure I got the best (read; correct) ending.

In fact, Quick Save and Quick Load, you are my best mates in the world of video games.

That's not to say the Quick Save hasn't always been the best of friends. Sure, it's easy to ring Quick Save up and get him to bring the beers to your house party. But you know what he's like, he's prone to accidentally getting ahead of himself and making a right mess of your game.

And Quick Load, well, sometimes you accidentally ring him, and just as you realise and before you can hang up, he's there at your party, messing with the dips, constantly blurting the same quotes you heard earlier that evening.

The party is ruined. All the beer is gone, there is dip related mess on the carpet. Then you hear the latch on the door go. It's the parents, Save and Load. They aren't happy. Not one bit. Sure, Load tries to soften the blow, I was young once too, he says, but we all know that Save wears the trousers. She's the one that always remembers your information, your progress. And when was the last time you called her? Most likely days ago, maybe even months.You ask her. Level 2??!? Urgh, the hell with it. I'm moving out.

Well. Where are we then. Save and Load won't talk to me (Load is trying, but Save is having none of it). Quick Save is going to regular AA meetings to deal with his problems, and Quick Load found himself a girl (Checkpoint - she sounds lovely) though no one has seen him since.

Though I've lost Quick Save and Quick Load, I've gained allies in Thom and Neil. We're going through all of our games, playing them on the hardest level. Sure, they won't be able to help me when I accidentally throw a grenade at my feet or sprint off a ledge....but they'll understand. (and probably laugh...)


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  1. I'm going to have to rip of my F5 key and flush it. It's hardwired into my index finger!